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Campaign is on and we're still kickin'

Published by vaclav.mazany on Út, 05/08/2012 - 22:58 in
Boss fight scene

Just to give a bit of update, Indiegogo.com campaign is already on and there are already 2 contributors. It's not that much yet, but atleast something to start with ! But it's just a beginning and I hope, that it will turn out well.

Now back to the game itself, as I said I needed to optimize a bit the Boss scene, to be able run it smoothly on mobile devices. So this is how it turned out. I had to made the nebulaes a bit simpler, but on the contrary I added lens effects.

Now the scene is almost complete. I have to implement the player now and some other mechanisms, so it will be fun. This was actually what was taking the longest, but it's about 60% done. So hopefully next update will be with this scene DONE.

I'm thinking about posting a playable demo of this Boss fight part #1 on web. So stay tuned.

IndieGOGO Campaing STARTS

Published by vaclav.mazany on So, 05/05/2012 - 20:31 in

Today, I'm starting my campaing on IndieGOGO.com to raise funds for my game Codename : STARSHOOTER.

You can find the campaing here http://www.indiegogo.com/starshooter

I hope you'll find all the needed information there, I tried to describe everything as clear as possible.

Here you find some info about the perks, you can get :

Ship Designs

Logo Designs

As I'm mentioning in the campaing,

Every help counts !

If you cannot or just don't want to contribute, but this project still interests you, please, spread the word. Tell about Codename : STARSHOOTER to everyone you know, family, friends. If you have your own blog about games, I will gladly read your opinion about the project there. If you're a editor for some internet magazine, please spread the news. Write about it, curse or praise. Any reaction will help me make the game better. Personally I hope, that you wont let me alone in this !

Thank you for your time,


Václav Mazaný

New set of screenshots

Published by vaclav.mazany on So, 05/05/2012 - 19:43 in

This time I have just new set of screenshots for you. It's from the boss fight.

The scene is 99% done, but I guess I will have to go through some optimizations. I'll see when I do some tests. Now I have to implement the gameplay - dodging of the incoming bullets and the second phase, destroying the enemy vessel.

Logo Design : Perks for IndieGOGO

Published by vaclav.mazany on So, 05/05/2012 - 18:47 in

This is the design of the logo of the game

It will be 3D printed and then casted in pure silver

Ship Designs : Perks for IndieGOGO

Published by vaclav.mazany on So, 05/05/2012 - 18:12 in

This is how the actual models of ships look like

This is how the painted models will look like

This is how the actual model for 3D printing looks like / Untextured

This is how the not-painted models will look like

Big Boss WIP

Published by vaclav.mazany on Út, 05/01/2012 - 21:29 in

This time, I have a work in progress video of a BBBig boss , that you'll encounter on your voyage across the space :)
Right now, it's only a sneak peak, without any turrets, enemies. Only the big Boss is there, as I was just working on the surrounding scene and the Boss itself. Hope you like it.

The fight should be separated into 2 stages. One is that your closing to the huge battleship and trying to avoid its projectiles. Second one is already a battle with the enemy, where you try to destroy all that's necessary to blow the Boss apart.

See how it looks for yourself on Youtube.com

AI Dodging test #2

Published by vaclav.mazany on Po, 04/23/2012 - 20:42 in

This time, I have something that you can actually test :)

It's nothing special.. but I wonder how many times you'll be able to actually HIT the ships. The most interesting is the RATIO, where is ratio between hits and fired shots. The higher the better shooter you are :)

This is just a dodge test, so don't hope for something deep ;) .. Just to mention : They're invulnerable.

And plz.... just for fun, post your scores, just for me to see if it is really that hard to hit them :)

Shooting : Mouse -> left mouse button click & drag

Shiva3D webplayer is required.


AI Dodging test

Published by vaclav.mazany on Čt, 04/19/2012 - 21:55 in


AI, dodge, shoot, avoid, bullet

Hi, this time I have something from "inside" of the project.

I'm still working on the campaing for Indiegogo.com , but just to show that I'm still having some time to work on the game as well.

I thought I will show something I'm right now working on. It's dodging of enemies. See the video for details :)

As you can see in the video, the movement of AI is still a bit "wacky" sometimes, but already, it does what it should - dodges most of the shots. Yipee :)

The white lines, are for me to see where the ship should go... I won't be in the final version + the enemy shooting is disabled ;) it's really only dodging test.

I will see if this approach will work as intended. I'm a bit worried about the performance of this, as it is using pathfinding and navigation mesh. So after some testing I will see if won't have to come up with something simpler.

Lack of updates & INDIEGOGO

Published by vaclav.mazany on Ne, 04/15/2012 - 18:18 in

Just to clarify, that I'm still alive :) and still working on Codename : STARSHOOTER.
The reason, for the lack of updates is right now, I decided that I will try my luck on Indiegogo.com

So, basicaly I'm preparing the campaing, images, perks, rewards and so on to be able to compete amongst all the great projects out there. Hopefully I'll be able to raise funds for completing this project. My main goal is that, I'll be able to focus on this project FULL TIME. Because right now, I'm making this game only in my spare time, so you can imagine, that it can take really long this way.
So stay tuned, as I will post more info about the campaing & this project.